November 11, 2008

How I Love Tom and Judy

I will not be home much tomorrow so I will post tomorrows post tonight. It has been a rough day here in Abilene, the Allen's are loved by many and we are all grieving along with them. It felt good to be able to go and do and shop and tidy and wipe counters, it felt good to just do whatever our minds could think of today to serve this family who is so well deserved.

Tom and Judy are an integral part of our lives in so many ways. When Jack was diagnosed with his brain tumor it was Tom and Judy that arranged for a chartered flight for us to get Jack to Dallas Children's. Judy is one of those friends who will just stop by to check on you to see if there is anything you need. During Jack's illness our roof had a couple of leaks, I was beyond even knowing how to get my head around my sick child and a leaky roof so I just didn't deal with the leaky roof. We would grab a bucket to catch the water if we had a rain storm, but as we live in West Texas we don't get a lot of those. One day a man showed up on my front door to tell us he was there to reroof our house for us. He never said who sent him, but I found out later that he was the roofer that Judy uses for her houses that she builds.

It is Judy that gets us Coffee Group Gals upgrades or adjoining rooms when we travel. It is Judy who can cut through a bunch of hulabaloo and get to the core of the matter within seconds. She takes care of others all the time.

Tom is our shepherd at church. He is the elder assigned to our family, we have sat and eaten meals with him. He has sat with us when Jack was sick. He is strong and has a heart for all those around him.

These are my friends that are suffering today.

Dearest God please help my friends and comfort them. May they feel your warmth at every turn. May they know they are loved. May you give them peace that can only come from You. In Your Son's Name, Amen.


Allison Connor said...

Beautiful words Tammy. Love you. Your spirit and friendship is priceless as well. The Allen's are some of the most loving and caring people we know as well.

Teri Boone said...

Tammy, I agree with you 100%. When we told the Elders about Brittany and her situation last year, Judy was one of the first people to come up and wrap her arms around me and say, very simple words..."it's just all going to be okay". I don't know if Judy remembers telling me those words, but they gave me comfort every day for 9 months. She graciously offered to give Cody and Brittany a baby shower...a shower that was beyond my wildest imagination! We have felt so much love from this family. They are in our constant thoughts and prayers.

Linda said...

Praying for your friends....sound like wonderful people. May God give them just what they need for this moment. They are in my prayers. Blessings to all who will gather around them.