November 04, 2008

Speak Words Of Life

This is an amazing blessing written to the writers' 15 year old daughter.
Blessing to his 15 year old daughter.

I really appreciate the men and women who have written on the importance of blessing your children. Gary Smalley wrote a book a while back on this subject, this book Bless Your Children Everyday by Mary R. Swope is one I have used over and over with my kids. I noticed on Amazon it is $2.47 used. Add shipping in there and for $5 you will have some wonderfully written blessings from scripture to speak words of life into your child. There are many to choose from in the book...

Here is a blessing for YOU today.

A Free Spirit

In the Name of Jesus Christ:
I bless you with freedom from stress and worldly care. Depression, frustration, and nervous anxiety over your circumstances are cursed forever. You will be able to face the natural events of your life with peace of mind and an inner joy that will dispel all negative emotions.
You will glorify your God by keeping His commandment not to worry about anything. Instead, you will pray about everything, telling Him your needs and thanking Him for the answers. You are blessed with a free spirit that is totally unaffected by worry.
Matt. 6:25-34, John 14:27, Phil. 4:6-7, 1 Peter 5:7


I watched a documentary on Annie Leibowitz yesterday. Rented it on itunes. It was very interesting, how she got her start, which was needed after being on the road with the Rolling Stones for Rolling Stone Magazine, her entry into Vanity Fair and other fashion magazines. She takes pictures of everything it seems, I wonder how she archives all those family photo's and what she does with all of them. Many times people will tell her she captures a persons essence, she doesn't agree with that, she says, what is real is between 2 people, life happening, what a picture holds is a note card.

I would say a frozen little note card. A moment where time has stopped.

I have nothing to add to all the election stuff going on, except that the candidates look so tired. I think they all need a nap. I am sorry for Mr. Obama whose grandmother passed yesterday.

Saturday Night Live was classic last night. Their political skits are my favorite. Who can forget Bill Clinton jogging with his secret service and stopping by McDonald's?

Christian Spiritual Formation class was great yesterday. Dr. Wray focused on spontaneous spiritual formation. When in one moment everything changes in your life. A death, cancer, disability. There are some people who look upon God when something like this has happened and turn away because they can't imagine following a God who would allow this to happen, and then there are people who can't imagine going through their struggle without God and it cements their relationship with God even more. Jack's diagnosis was a huge turning point for me spiritually. I couldn't imagine how God could allow that to happen, but I knew I could not survive without God. So I wrestled and stayed in conversation with God until I had a peace that is not understandable or describable. Years later I see my faith was refined, painfully refined, but I am farther along in my journey, closer to Him.


stephanie said...

I caught that Annie Leibovitz special on pbs the other day, and also wondered how and where she archives everything. Did you notice how when she was in the helicopter, practically leaning out the door, shooting over NYC, and she didn't even have the camera strap around her neck?!