November 08, 2008

Flags, and Ernie Davis

Saturday morning. Quiet and cool in our house, dreamy.

Last night I took some head shots in Downtown Abilene. 2nd set this week. The first set are already up on my Photog Blog, and these two kiddo's are precious. I know you would smile if you clicked on over.

On my way home I stopped by Frontier Texas as they have hundreds and hundreds of flags up to commemorate Veterans Day. It is a site to behold. So I parked and grabbed my camera and took a couple of shots.

The weather was gorgeous last night, I don't know if it could possibly show in the pics but it seems like it does.

Rob and I went and saw The Express last night in Abilene's tiniest theatre. There are other larger theatre's in this venue, but the particular one we were put into was like 5 rows of seats and that was it. It is a great movie, worth sitting through even in a tiny little theatre. I was not at all familiar with the story of Ernie Davis before last night so the ending caught me off guard a bit. But I loved the movie. Rob did too.

We were in the theatre with a couple of ACU theatre professors sitting in front of us and they clapped during the credits as one of ACU's grads was on the screen in the credits, set design I think. Nelson Coates. Go Big Purple.


Brandi said...

These photos are amazing. You did capture the feel of the evening, it was beautiful.