November 20, 2008

Plan of Non-Action

Jack and I made a quick trip to Dallas. Left at 4pm yesterday and got back home at 2:30pm today. There was no room at the Ronald McDonald House so I pricelined a hotel room which always works well. My lack of directional driving skills always makes for an interesting couple of minutes, but we always end up where we need to be. I am thankful for my map directions and gps on my iphone.

The MRI went well this morning, we were a bit late getting in which is unusual. Jack was his usual MRI King. No complaints, no movement, nothing but perfection on the MRI table. The tech commented that Jack must have done it before as he knew the routine and didn't move a muscle.

We stopped and ate at Pappas Bros. on our way home. We hadn't eaten there before, and I thought there would be food there that Jack would actually eat. We had a quick lunch and headed home. Jack's tummy started hurting him r-e-a-l bad on the way home and he got sick. But he seems to be perking up a bit and is feeling a little better. Maybe the greasy burger was not what his tummy wanted.

We will not have a report from the MRI until December 4th. That's right you read December 4th. 2 weeks to get a report on an MRI seems a bit crazy. I am assuming we are on the low end of the totem pole as far as priority goes now, and with the holidays next week we got pushed pretty far out from the clinic date. I will take low priority MRI over high priority MRI any day!! I wont even think about the results again until we are driving back to Dallas. That is my plan of action, or non-action.

Well that is our report from the home front today.

Shine on.